Rich Pet Content for Your Business

The pet business is one of the largest industries in the United States – and it’s also one of the most competitive. Much of the competition takes place on the Internet.

Imagine what your business could do with hundreds of pages of rich, authoritative content, written by industry experts? The kind of content that search engines – and users – love!

Imagine interactive features that would keep users engaged. The kind of features that bloggers and pet fanciers love to link to and share!

At Telemark Productions, we’ve spent the past 20 years creating great dog and cat related content.  

Our breed profiles, breed selector, and breed comparer, combined to form the IAMS Dog Breed Library, which we licensed to IAMS for 16 years. This Breed Library was the of the most popular features on the website. Due to corporate restructuring, IAMS’ parent company, Mars Inc, has decided not to renew their license. (They have since developed a basic dog breed selector of their own.)

We are now looking for a new partner for an exclusive license or outright purchase of this material – which we believe will be a unique competitive advantage to the company that acquires the rights.

Want to know more?

See the Questions section at the end of this page, email, or text or call Robert Nicholson at 408-431-0674.

Dog Breed Database and Selector

We have compiled a database of 210 dog breeds, including AKC recognized breed as well as other popular breeds. The database includes:

  • Physical attributes of each breed
  • Personality traits
  • Skills for which the breed is known
  • Detailed descriptions, including breed history, description, personality, and care. Our content was reviewed by experts in the dog world, including:
    • Over 300 breeders.
    • Caroline Coile, Ph.D., author of 34 books and hundreds of articles about dogs, and eight-time winner of the Dog Writer’s Association of America Maxwell Award.
    • Anne Katona, a 34-year veteran AKC dog judge.
  • Fully licensed, professional photos

Using this database, we’ve created the most world’s most comprehensive Dog Breed Selector (see Appendix A for details). Our selector uses 34 different factors to help people find the best dog breeds based on their individual preferences and living situations. And it really works!

We also created the Dog Breed Comparer to enable users to compare dog breeds side-by-side.

Our database can also be used in many other ways. For example, it’s easy to create “top” lists such as Best Joggers, Best with Kids, Best with Other Pets, Largest Dogs, Smallest Dogs, Least Shedding, and so on.


We’ve built a test site where you can see live examples of our dog products.

Cat Breed Database and Selector

We’ve compiled a similar database of 50 cat breeds, along with a Selector and Comparer.

The Cat Breed Selector uses 11 factors, and the Cat Breed Comparer is very similar to the Dog Breed Comparer.

We can provide a live demo of our cat products prior to the conclusion of a licensing or purchase agreement.

Technical Details

We wrote the Breed Selector and Comparer in JavaScript and html, and tested them on all major browsers and mobile devices. The applications use CSS for formatting, so it’s easy to change the appearance..

We’ve also created a simple interactive editing tool so it’s easy to update the underlying database.

Everything is hosted on a WordPress website, which makes it easy to export the pages and then import them into another WordPress site. The content can also be exported in raw text or html format if you are not using WordPress.

As part of a licensing or purchase agreement, we can provide technical assistance to migrate the applications and content to your site.

Note that we can also provide technical consulting for Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing if desired.

What This Means for You

This is a unique opportunity to set yourself apart from competitors with a tremendous body of content and application technology. Be the first to deploy such a system and attain what the tech world calls a “first mover” advantage.

Coupled with aggressive marketing, this can allow your company to become the unchallenged market leader.

We would like to move quickly in finding a purchaser for this content. Shall we set up a time for a phone call in the near future?

To discuss this opportunity, contact, or text Robert Nicholson at 408-431-0674.

Appendix A: Comparison of Dog Breed Selectors

  Telemark AKC Animal Planet Dogtime IAMS Pedigree
Number of Questions 34 6 10 21 14 17
Help on Questions Y N N Y N N
Side-by-Side Comparison Y Y N N N N
Number of Results Returned 30 5 3 to 12 15 9 8
Dog Breeds A-Z Y Y Y Y N N
Dog Breeds by AKC Group Y Y Y N N N
Breed Profiles Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent OK Poor
Breed Slideshows N N Y Y N N
Breed Videos N N Y N N N
Find by Attributes Several “Top Lists” N N Y N N

The Telemark Breed Selector is the most comprehensive on the market, designed to help people find the ideal breeds for their preferences and lifestyles. Based on 34 factors, it returns 30 results (starting with the best match, and working down). Users can select breeds they are interested in for a side-by-side comparison.

Compare the Selectors

Animal Planet


Do you own the rights?

Yes, all data, breed profiles, software, photos, and other materials were developed by us, or licensed for resale.

Can we see a demo of the Cat Breed Selector?

The Cat Breed Selector is not online on our demo site. If we reach the point of an agreement and letter of intent, we will install the Cat Breed Selector prior to final sign-off on the deal. Note that the Cat Breed Selector works just like the Dog Breed Selector, but with fewer questions (11 instead of 34).

What are your terms?

We are open to an outright purchase, or an ongoing licensing agreement. We’re looking for a home that will make our work visible to a large audience, and that will factor into our decision.

Is the license exclusive?

Yes. However you can sub-license the product. For example, if you are a web development firm and you build websites for veterinarians, you could license the product for use on those sites.

Is your product accurate?

Yes! Our content and database were developed by nationally recognized experts, and reviewed by breed clubs and standards organizations. Our expert contributors include:

AKC All Breed Judge Anne Katona.

Canine researcher and author Caroline Coile.

AKC show photographer Warren Cook.

What about updates as breeds change?

We can provide ongoing maintenance and updates. Or, if you prefer the purchase the materials outright, you can choose to make your own updates.

Will you port the product to our website?

We can provide technical assistance to your own developers, or do the technical work for you at an additional charge, depending on your needs.

We don’t use WordPress. Will your product still work on our site?

We can work with you to “port” the software and content to another platform. Or, we can help you set up a subdomain running WordPress on your website.

Is the domain name included?

Yes, we can transfer the domain to you as part of a purchase or licensing agreement.

Your site is ugly! Can that be fixed?

Sorry! The purpose of our demo was to shown the capabilities of our product.

It can be tailored to match your site design or your preferred look-and-feel. To show you the potential, we can also provide screenshots showing how the product looked when it was featured on the IAMS website.

What is Telemark Productions?

Telemark productions was a company that we originally formed to develop “infotainment” products for release on CD-ROM. The company structure is now used for managing licensing and royalty agreements; we are not longer doing active product development under that name.