DogSpotters Mobile App

The DogSpotters Mobile App Has Been Discontinued

We are working on moving our dog breed identification app to the web!

In the mean time, try our Dog Breed Selector and Dog Breed Comparer.

If you are already an expert at identifying dogs, try our Breed Identification Quiz and Puppy Identification Quiz!

How does DogSpotting work?

Here’s how to be a Dog Spotter!

  1. Look for purebred dogs in your neighborhood, at your local dog park, at a dog show, in the park, or when you’re traveling!
    • The only rule is you have to see them live! — NOT in pictures, on TV or in the movies.
    • Be creative — where could dogs be hanging out?
  2. Identify the breeds you see.
    • Use the DogID feature in your DogSpotters app.
    • Tap Similar on a breed page, or check the May Be Confused With section of Breed Info to narrow it down.
    • Depend on your own knowledge, but confirm with the dog owner.
    • Or just ask the dog owner right out!
  3. Add a Sighting in your DogSpotters app, or just mark off the breed on your DogSpotting Breed List  (pdf).
    • Tap the gray circle on the Breeds List or the specific breed info page to create a Sighting.
    • Decide whether to post the Sighting to Facebook.
    • Decide whether to edit your Sighting.
      • You can add a title, text note, audio note, or photo to your Sighting if you like.
  4. Build your My Sightings List and try to complete Lists of breeds from different regions of the world, long and low breeds, most popular breeds, rarest breeds, different AKC® groups, and many more.

For extra fun:

  • Earn ribbons and build your DogSpotting IQ with the DogSpotters Breed Identification Game.
  • Explore interesting breeds via the Breeds List, Breed Info pages and Links to more information.
  • Listen to American pronunciations of breed names.
  • Share Sightings, List completions and Game achievements with your friends on Facebook!