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Photo copyright © Cook PhoDOGraphy. All rights reserved.

Photo copyright © Cook PhoDOGraphy. All rights reserved.

This hearty hunting dog probably originated in Brittany, a province in France. The Brittany was first shown in that country in 1896. A versatile hunter, the Brittany can point as well as retrieve. An excellent worker on upland game, quail, woodcock, pheasant, grouse, and chukar, the Brittany is one of the most popular pointing breeds for bird hunting.


The Brittany is a hearty, vigorous, medium-sized, square, leggy dog with a fairly short, lightly feathered single coat. He is very agile and active. He comes in orange and white or liver and white in either a clear or roan pattern, with some ticking. Tricolor (liver and white with orange points) is allowed, but not preferred. Black is a disqualification. The eyes are amber or hazel, depending on coat color. The nose might not be black. The high-set ears are rather short in a triangular shape, slightly fringed, and hanging close to the head. The tail is either naturally short or docked to less than 4 inches.

Key Facts

  • Height: 17-1/2 to 20-1/2 in.
  • Size: Medium
  • Weight: 30 to 40 lbs.
  • Availability: Widely available
  • Talents: Hunting, retrieving, pointing, obedience and agility


The Brittany likes to roam. Some skilled trimming of the coat is needed for proper grooming. Generally a low-maintenance dog, Brittanys need extensive exercise. Best for an active outdoors person or hunter.


Gentle, a very active and enthusiastic hunter. Smart and very trainable for hunting. Affectionate, happy, and alert. Independent free-thinker. Good natured and easy to care for. Some are nervous or hyperactive. Socialize extensively as a pup.


  • Children: Good with children
  • Friendliness: Reserved with strangers
  • Trainability: Slightly difficult to train
  • Independence: Fairly independent
  • Dominance: Moderate
  • Other Pets: Generally good with other pets
  • Combativeness: Not generally dog-aggressive
  • Noise: Average barker
  • Indoors: Very active indoors
  • Owner: Not recommended for novice owners


  • Grooming: Regular grooming needed
  • Trimming and Stripping: Some trimming or stripping (little skill required)
  • Coat: Feathered coat
  • Shedding: Light shedder
  • Docking: The tail is customarily docked
  • Exercise: Vigorous daily exercise needed
  • Jogging: An excellent jogging companion
  • Apartments: Not recommended for apartments
  • Outdoor Space: Best with acreage
  • Climate: Does well in most climates
  • Longevity: Average (10 to 12 years)

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