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Chaparral's Nixie. Owned and photo copyright © Susan Buttivant. All rights reserved.

Chaparral’s Nixie. Owned and photo copyright © Susan Buttivant. All rights reserved.

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen is a small (Petit), low (Basset), wirehaired (Griffon), French (from the Vendéen region) scent hound, used primarily for hunting rabbit. The PBGV was developed from the larger, heavier, and longer Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen. The two breeds were often bred together in the past, so even though crossing them has been prohibited since 1975, puppies representing both types may still arise from a single litter. Though the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen has been a very popular hunting dog in France for almost a century, the breed is relatively new to the United States. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Club of America was formed in 1984, and the breed entered the AKC Hound Group in 1991.


The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen is a small, rustic dog with an unkempt, natural looking, harsh, wiry coat; shaggy eyebrows; beard; and mustache. The rough single coat protects the dog when hunting in thick underbrush. It comes in white with markings in any of the following colors: black, orange, yellow, tricolor, and grizzle. The well-proportioned Petit is about 50% longer than tall. The tail tapers and is carried high and alert. The hair-covered ears reach almost to the tip of the nose. The back is level with a slight arch over the loin.

Key Facts

  • Height:  13 to 15 in.
  • Size:  Medium
  • Weight:  30 to 38 lbs.
  • Availability:  Difficult to find
  • Talents:  Hunting, tracking, and agility


Some PBGVs have proven allergic to insecticides. Prone to ear infections. The coat needs regular brushing with a wire slicker to prevent matting. This dog must be well secured, as he is a renowned digger, jumper, and escape artist. Does well in most climates, but prefers colder weather.


Merry, friendly, and always very busy exploring. Intelligent and independent. Can be willful. A charming rascal. Curious and completely confident.


  • Children:  Good with children
  • Friendliness:  Fairly friendly with strangers
  • Trainability:  Slightly difficult to train
  • Independence:  Not particularly dependent or independent
  • Dominance:  Moderate
  • Other Pets:  Generally good with other dogs; do not trust with non-canine pets
  • Combativeness:  Not generally dog-aggressive
  • Noise:  Average barker
  • Indoors:  Very active indoors
  • Owner:  Good for novice owners


  • Grooming:  Regular grooming needed
  • Trimming and Stripping:  No trimming or stripping needed
  • Coat:  Wiry coat
  • Shedding:  Average shedder
  • Exercise:  Moderate exercise needed
  • Jogging:  A fair jogging companion
  • Apartments:  Will be OK in an apartment if sufficiently exercised
  • Outdoor Space:  Best with at least an average-size yard
  • Climate:  Does well in most climates
  • Longevity:  Average (10 to 12 years)

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