Is That Apartment REALLY Dog Friendly?

Lots of apartments and house rentals are advertised as “dog friendly.” What this usually means is that tenants are allowed to have dogs. There is usually a pet deposit required, and in some cases there’s an additional monthly fee. Pet policies should be clearly listed on the website of any pet-friendly apartment.

Before you sign a lease on a “pet friendly” apartment, do some investigating to be sure it’s a place where you and your canine companion can be happy. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Does the staff welcome dogs? In some apartment buildings, staff members carry dog biscuits to share with friendly pets.
  2. Are other residents dog-friendly? Take your dog for a walk around the complex, to see how other residents react to your dog.
  3. Do your see other dogs? If you see other owners walking their dogs, ask them about their experiences.
  4. Are there dog-friendly accoutrements (extras)? Look for water bowls in public areas, “poop bag” dispensers, and grass areas for your dog to do his business.
  5. Are there dog-friendly places nearby? Where is the nearest dog park? The nearest vet? Jogging trail? Are there dog-friendly shops and restaurants?

Being dog-friendly means more than just allowing dogs. It means making dogs and their owners welcome, happy, and comfortable.