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San Antonio, TX, August 30, 2017: Singles, active young couples, families with children, senior citizens – each household will have its own lifestyle, preferences and needs. Dog breeds have specific characteristics that can make them a good or poor fit for a home. For example, some have been bred for centuries to guard, others to hunt, and others to be cuddled lapdogs. Some require a firm, dominant owner and some need a gentle touch. For best success, the breed should match the home and its people.

“Our dog trainer once told us a story about a woman who called her, panicked that her new puppy was chasing and knocking down the children in her day care center.” said Telemark Productions’ President, Ellen Brodsky. “The woman asked the trainer what she should do. When the trainer asked what breed the dog was, the woman said it was an Akita. So our trainer told her she needed to get a different breed of dog! It turns out Akitas have one of the highest prey drives in the canine kingdom. Anything that squeals and runs away triggers an instinctive reaction in the dog to chase it and take it down. This is definitely NOT the best breed to have in a day care center, even though it looks so soft and cuddly.”

Dog Breed Selector

Dog Breed Selector screenshot.

Telemark Productions’ best in class Dog Breed Selector was developed to help people find the right dog for them.  People answer questions about activities, home environment, and other preferences online, then the Selector weighs all their input and comes up with the 30 best match breeds.

The Selector results are linked to detailed breed profiles and photos, so people can learn more about the recommended breeds.  Each profile also includes links to breed clubs, breeder referral lists and rescue organizations to help people find a dog.

The Dog Breed Selector is now available on the website. It has been updated for ease-of-use and mobile device compatibility. also features a Dog Breed Comparer, which allows users to compare different breeds side-by-side, and Guessing Games based on photos of puppies or adult dogs where people can see how skilled they are in breed identification.

Telemark’s Dog Breed Selector started out as part of Telemark’s Guide to Dogs CD-ROM which sold over 45,000 copies worldwide. From 2000 to 2017, Telemark’s Dog Breed Selector consistently ranked as one of the most popular features on  Each year, Telemark has updated the Selector to reflect new breeds and changes to breed standards, so it now includes over 200 breeds.

The Breed Selector, Comparer, and quizzes now have a new home on  Give them a try and share them with your friends!

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