The Right Dog Breed Makes a Big Difference

Singles, active young couples, families with children, senior citizens – each household will have its own lifestyle, preferences and needs. Dog breeds have specific characteristics that can make them a good or poor fit for a home. For example, some have been bred for centuries to guard, others to hunt, and others to be cuddled lapdogs. Some require a firm, dominant owner and some need a gentle touch. For best success, the breed should match the home and its people.

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You can also compare dog breeds, side by side, with our Dog Breed Comparer.

Do You Really Know Your Dog Breeds?

Try your hand at identifying breeds from photos and short clues with our Dog Breed Quiz (adult dogs) and our Puppy Breed Quiz.

What is Dog Spotting?

Dog Spotting is a hobby, similar to bird watching. Hobbyists try to spot and identify as many dog breeds as possible, and keep a “life list” of the breeds they have seen.

Some dog fans may focus on a particular group of dogs, such as herding dogs or working dogs, but since there are only about 200 American Kennel Club recognized dog breeds, it’s fairly easy to spot them all.  (The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes slightly fewer breeds, and the United Kennel Club recognizes just over 300.)

In the course of building their list, hobbyists learn about each breed, and learn to recognize and appreciate the unique characteristics.


Keep Your Dog Safe!

Learn how to keep your pet safe on the 4th of July (or Canada Day!)